Meet our team



Victoria has been in the industry for 10 years now. She’s had extensive training in many fields of the industry, becoming a licensed hair stylist in 2007 and continuing on to elizabth Grady School for make-up. Victoria is also a licensed Barber. Working and owning a salon in Boston has given her the ability to work on many professional athletes, news casters, and other public figures. She is extremely passionate about her work and is thrilled to have re-located her business to Winthrop.

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Deanna has been doing hair for many years now. She has continued her education by attending many classes and has a real passion for cutting and styling hair. She spends as much time as she needs to make sure her clients are extremely satisfied. Deanna also specializes in coloring, keratin treatments, and hair extensions. 

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Emily (Receptionist)

Emily has been working in the customer service business for a very long time. Being a hairdresser herself she understands the needs of every client and is very good at accommodating their needs. She can never do enough to make sure each client is compleltey satisfied from the minute they schedule their appointment until they walk out the door.